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Environmental Task Force

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Agency Record of Decision of Operable Unit 1 EPA Superfund records on Jasper/Newton County sites.
Organizational Draft Strategic Plan - May 23, 2007 First draft of a strategic plan.
Organizational Draft Strategic Plan - July 28, 2010 Second draft of an updated strategic plan.
Organizational Minutes:  1-21-09, 7-15-09, 10-21-09, 1-20-10, 7-28-10, 1-19-11, 7-20-11, 10-19-11, 1-18-12, 4-18-12, 7-18-12, 10-17-12, 1-16-13, 4-17-13, 10-16-13; Meeting Minutes history
Organizational Board of Directors: 9-17-2010, 8-30-2011, 1-18-2012, 7-31-2013; Board of Directors history
Organizational Bylaws - Original, Bylaws 1-20-2012; Bylaws history
Planning Community Based Environmental Protection Document Consultant document containing an environmental overview of Jasper and Newton counties.
Planning The Highway 249 Redevelopment Plan

The Plan offers an integrated approach to development within the Route 249 corridor that promotes consistent appearance, function and utilization of the land.

Lower Shoal Creek Watershed Partnership

Category Document Information type
Organizational History Document Early organization information.
Organizational Board of Directors Early organization information.

Spring River Watershed Partnership

Category Document Information type
Organizational Carthage Press Article Report of the groups beginnings - January 4th - 2008.
Organizational Minutes: 8-12-2010, 7-12-2012; Meeting Minutes history